Target-smashing commercial programme

The Hundred was launched in 2021 as the ECB’s innovative new sport and entertainment competition with a vision to attract new audiences to the sport of cricket. We have worked with The Hundred since its conception in 2019 with a brief to build a commercial model and secure new, non-traditional cricket brand partners that add value to the event and help it reach new audiences. The commercial model saw the development of a select number of high-value packages and included innovations such as a closed commercial eco-system between broadcast partner, Sky Sports, and competition inventory. This provided protection partners from competitor activity as well delivering additional broadcast and digital inventory.


We continue to deliver an end-to-end solution for The Hundred’s commercial programme, from the initial commercial modelling and go-to-market to building insight-driven proposals and supporting with partnership negotiation and closing.

The results

The success of the commercial programme mirrors the success of competition to date, with a family of partners that reflects what The Hundred is all about. Multi-year partnerships with KP Snacks, Unilever and Robinson’s takes the event into the supermarket, whilst Vitality and Sage showcase The Hundred’s innovative, challenger positioning. In 2023 The Hundred became Compare the Market’s first ever sport partnership, with the brand’s famous meerkats and wombat uniquely integrated across multiple touchpoints. All partners have seen positive YoY uplifts against their objectives which has led to proactive renewal conversations as the tournament looks to grow over the next few years.




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