Diversity, equity & impact

Diverse representation is born from equitable practices and inclusivity in all areas of our work.

  • 15 Dynamic Partnerships

    Informing our recruiting, retention and cultural programming

  • 30+ Cultural Events

    Educating our employees and clients year-round

  • 1 ISO D&I Certificate

    Fostering an inclusive workplace

Our mission

Impact Over Intention

We strive to uphold our values and build trust by challenging ourselves—and those we influence—to remove barriers rooted in fear. That’s why we commit ourselves to fearless self-discovery, active listening and learning, transparency and accountability.

Accountability Is The Focus

We are committed to making a meaningful difference and driving real change—not only among our employees, but in how we serve clients and push the industry at large.

When you feel seen and valued, your best work is upon you.


Inclusive Business Practices

Launching an Inclusive Business Practice playbook that includes the education and execution of inclusion riders, diverse vendor catalogues and our companywide DEI specific performance review goal. We are focused on changing systems by implementing policies that make a measurable difference.

Dual Purpose Partnerships

We collaborate with partners such as Minorities in Sports and create our own programs, like the HBCU Accelerator Course, to directly address the gaps in diverse representation across the sports and music industries.

dynamic storytelling

Delivering insights and POV’s across industry conferences, events and cultural touch points to highlight the social impact of inclusion.
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Our Focus

Advancing the power of women in sports, music and entertainment.

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