Changing the game

Athletes Unlimited has created a new model of professional sports, where the athletes are owners, individual players are champions of team sports, and fans are engaged like never before. It’s a new age of competition – where games are fast, exciting and designed so that every moment counts. Launching with women’s softball in 2020, expanding to volleyball and lacrosse in 2021 and debuting basketball in 2022 and covered across media partners ESPN and CBS Sports, Athletes Unlimited strives to be leaders in sport and to bring fans closer to the game, aiming to innovate on and off the field.
We have been Athletes Unlimited’s right hand since their early development stages. Over the years, we have worked across:
-Athlete experience development & execution

-In-venue fan experience development & execution

-In-game presentation

-Venue operations

-Creative strategy & design

-Strategic partner development & onsite coordination

-Overall market strategy

-Ticketing strategy & management

The results

In 2023, we worked alongside Athletes Unlimited to produce 4 professional sports leagues and the second season of AUX Softball, a condensed season aiming to provide athletes with additional playing time and compensation moments. Together, we partnered with Little League Softball World Series to deliver the first ever Pro Games in Greenville, NC. In total, we presented over 132 games and over 1,500 hours of national and regional tv coverage. We continue to provide guidance, support, and help Athletes Unlimited change the landscape of women’s sports.

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