Fx snowfall car wash

We were asked to activate the season 4 premier of FX’s crime drama series, Snowfall, in an exciting, purpose-driven, and COVID safe way. Coinciding with the show’s time period and location, we designed up an 80’s themed experiential drive-through car wash experience around Los Angeles, California, with full FX Snowfall branding to encourage new and existing viewers to tune in to the upcoming season premier. Through a partnership with Official Black Wall Street we were able to support a number independent, black-owned businesses that had been affected by the 2020 pandemic by offering passersby a full car wash service as well as promote the new season.

The results

Over a three-day period, we were able to create a successful, purpose-driven experience that gained the attention of many, whilst also supporting a number of small black-owned businesses. The activation also gained the attention of a few celebrities with well-known actress, Issa Rae posting the car wash on her social channels to a following of 4.4 million users and series actor, Amin Joseph also making an appearance at the event, garnering added attention. With built-out safety precautions, and social distance measures in place, the activation was a COVID safe experience for all involved.

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