The world of aperitivo 2.0

Martini believes that January represents new adventures, new challenges and … new drinks. We supported our partners Martini in celebrating the joy that January can bring. Martini wanted to show its consumers how to make the most of the month with friends: experiencing new flavours, having fun and creating memorable friendship moments.


The World Of Aperitivo began its first iteration as a holiday gift store for Martini beverages across the Benelux region. The immersive experience comprised multiple sections within a store dedicated specifically to different products from the Martini ecosystem, with a dedicated zone for non-alcoholic spirits for the first time.


The second installment of The World of Aperitivo saw the zones expand after the incredible success of the previous holiday season. In-store bartenders worked from bespoke menus to display the endless possibilities from Martini lines. Cocktail-making classes and unique glassware that could only be purchased in-store augmented the experience and brought friends and family together over Martini beverages during the holidays.

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