There are few better exhibits of the human capacity to achieve extraordinary feats than multi-sport events. Festivals of speed, skill, spirit and physical prowess which showcase the very best of us. 

We are privileged to have delivered numerous major multi-sport events from the London Olympics in 2012 through to the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and 2022, Neom beach games across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Pan American Games Lima 2019. In addition, we’ve worked on the ever-inspiring Invictus Games since its inception in 2014 and Special Olympics Abu Dhabi in 2019, as well as the European Sports Championships in Glasgow 2018 and Munich 2022.

In 2024 we’ve been busy scoping, designing and developing the look and feel programme for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, which will also see us producing and installing branding and signage across every venue taking part in the Games.

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