Saudia x formula e

Through its partnership with Formula E, Saudia wanted to both grow their owned audience and be able to provide them with engaging mechanics that would nurture fans into becoming regular Saudia customers.
Since 2022, we have delivered a range of digital campaigns for Saudia’s partnerships with Formula E, Newcastle United and Aston Martin. With a goal to develop a centralized digital ecosystem to house all digital elements of the partnerships, the Take Your Seat digital hub was born. Through a combination of database growth campaigns, virtual experiences, 3D worlds, video and editorial content as well as gamification mechanics, we have engaged over 2 millions fans globally, grown an engaged and profiled database, and driven a lead nurturing strategy. Our strategy has enabled Saudia to authentically communicate with fans around their passion points, whilst offering them the chance to fly Saudia, to their favorite events around the world.
As a central digital location for Saudia’s partnerships, the Take Your Seat digital ecosystem enables all facets of the partnership to be brought under one roof, allowing fans a single destination for engagement. Across all partnerships, over 2 millions fans have been driven to the Take Your Seat website and we have grown the Saudia Sports Partnership database from zero at the start of 2022, to over 180,000 profiled users. This has allowed us to develop a tailored communications strategy, enabling Saudia to engage with fans around their passion point, as well as offering them unique discounts on flights, and ultimately better opportunities to attend the sporting events they are most passionate about. Appreciating that the majority of fans will not be able to attend live events across the world, our strategy ensures that these fans remain as valued and can have an equally exciting experience.
Having activated on the ground for the 2024 Diriyah E-Prix, we built a virtual replica of the on-site activation allowing all fans to experience that Saudia Discover-E zone. Aligned with the release of the Gen3 car ahead of Season 9 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championships, we launched Evolution in Your Hands. The mixed reality filter allowed you to place each of the Gen1, Gen2 and newly launched Gen3 cars virtually in your physical space, walk around it and discover insights on how each was built. This highlighted the growth and development of Formula E over the years.
As we moved into Season 10, this concept was further developed and gamified. Now fans can test their knowledge in a timed quiz and compare themselves with other Formula E fans on a global leaderboard. Education around Saudia’s partners remains a key driver behind our digital campaigns. Through our ReGen3rate game, we have gamified the education experience, showcasing a unique aspect of Formula E. As in a real race, in the game, players have to tactically regenerate their battery as they speed around the Diriyah E-Prix track. All of our digital engagements have the ultimate goal of providing fans with a novel and exciting way to engage with Saudia through their passion point. These concepts allow for a lead nurturing strategy to be more effective, as fans have a desire to engage with the brand, as they acknowledge that they bring genuine value to them as a partner of the sport or team they have a deep-rooted passion for.

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