Road to uefa womens euro

In conjunction with UEFA, we launched into the virtual world with the Roblox game ‘Road to UEFA Women’s EURO’ as part of the wider mascot campaign for the tournament. The game consisted of three obbies (obstacle courses) which children were challenged to complete in the fastest time.


The main “home” area included training courses, a chance to meet and get advice from the mascots and the opportunity to collect tickets to “purchase” your nation’s kit to wear as you play the game. Once the game went live, a scavenger hunt was included as an additional feature.


To celebrate the release of the final course, a hosted-livestream event launched before the tournament to engage with young fans. By being part of the event, fans were offered the chance to win up to 500,000 Robux coins. During the stream, the host challenged kids into the obbies and provided commentary as they played along – the perfect finale for an incredible launch.

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